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Product Photographer Toronto
Jules Design is a leading Toronto product photography company with ultra low commercial photography rates specifically with bulk product photos.
  • Commercial Photography
  • In-studio (Client Hosted) Photo Projects
  • Fashion Photography
  • Bulk Product Photography
  • Event Photography and Video
  • Food Photography
  • 360 Product Photography

Drop off your product HERE, mail it in or participate in the photo session. Jules Design offers a variety of great product photography solutions.

Jules Design; your leading Toronto Product Photographer and
Mississauga Product Photographer
Conventional vs. Bulk Product Photography (Both are customizable to match your business needs)
Toronto Bulk Product Photography vs Conventional Product Shots
Two photography solutions...

We are Toronto bulk product photography expert. We deliver amazing quality at a LOW price with proper economies of scale.

Our conventional product photography is for those with advanced graphic design needs; while our bulk product photography option is for those who want clean, inexpensive catalogues images.

Low Cost Bulk Product Photography serving Toronto and the GTA

Conventional Product Shots
  • Best quality images; more care goes into staging the product photo

  • The images are manicured and colour corrected in Photoshop

  • Images feature a clipping path to super impose the image (the background is removed)

  • Whiter white backgrounds

  • Shadows or reflections can be added (or turned off) in Photoshop

  • Conventional product shots are more immediately usable for Graphic Design

  • Cost per image $25 +/-*
Bulk Product Shots
  • Very good image quality and colour corrected in Photoshop

  • These images are best suited for catalogue image applications

  • Bulk product shots are suitable for small objects to people for fashion photography

  • Bulk product shots are a cost effective solution when many items require photographs and there is a limited marketing budget

  • Backgrounds are off-white to pure 255 white

  • Cost per image $5 to $15+/-*

• Click the left catalogue image for a sample bulk product shots project.
• See images below for sample conventional product photography images

Product Photography Toronto Rates*

What Makes Product Photography Special?
  • We have Different Photography Solutions
    We understand that everyone has distinct business requirements so we tailor our solutions to meet our customer's needs.

  • Graphic Integration
    Product Shots are often just a component of a much larger project. Images may be required for web, video, print, or other applications. Tell us how you plan to use your images, and we will produce them accordingly.

  • Photoshop Editing Services
    We offer Photoshop retouching at competitive pricing. Why? Because your pictures need to look better than the original.

  • Gear and a real studio
    We use industry leading equipment and methodology to produce better product shots. We work in a studio designed for product photography. As we have a a colour managed workflow, we remove the subjectivity in our work to produce accurate and consistent images.

  • Convenient Shooting Options:
    We offer On-site, In-studio, or Mail-Order Product Photography.

  • Insured 5 Million General Liability
    Unfortunate things happen and you want to make sure you are protected. Certificate of Insurance is available on request.
*The prices shown above are estimates only. Project costs may vary relative to the project scope. Minimum Order is $400. Prices do not include HST.

Projects requiring additional services or expenses may be subject a surcharge. Additional services may include parking, delivery, complex staging, heavy product cleaning, managing product reflections, significant Photoshop editing and graphic design services.

Conventional Product Shots Prices do not include HST
  • Colour Corrected Images

  • Masking/ Clipping Path
    Product Shots on 100% Pure White
    (We remove the background)

  • Light Photoshop Editing Included
    Ten heals per image; averaged by project volume.

  • File Delivery (5 to 10 business days)
    Images supplied to the Client in TIF or PSD format with high-resolution JPG files in the pixel dimensions specified by the Client. Files delivered by DVD and or web download.

Per Product Shot
$400 Min Order

$40 for watches

Bulk Product Photography Prices do not include HST
Bulk Product Shots are for price sensitive projects where clean images are required but exceptional quality is not of critical importance.

The images quality is very good, however; the background may range from off-white to pure 255 white. Calculate pricing on our hourly shop rate for imaging and editing services

As each project is distinct and customizable, please call for more details.

Estimate Only
Per Product Shot
$400 Min Order

Other Services Prices do not include HST

Shop Rate
Custom Services
$100 per hour
Photoshop Editing $100 per hour
Ghost Mannequin Photography
Steaming and Delinting extra
$40 per garment*
On-Site Commercial Photo Service
Studio Built Onsite within Toronto and the GTA
1st hour $600*
Includes setup
Minimum order $800
360 Rotating Product Photography
Masking and Colour Correction Included, Photoshop Cleanup Extra, High-Resolution files Add $60
From $150 per Animation*
Sample Product Photography Images by Jules Design
Mississauga Plastic bottle Product Photographer Derma Skin Care Cosmetics Product Photography Toronto Glass Candle Product Photography Studio
Toronto Metal Product Photography Mississauga Jewellery Photographer for Amazon Mississauga Commercial Light Fixture Photographer Toronto Watch Product Photographer
Toronto Fun Fashion Product Photographer Toronto Amazon Product Photography Studio  Toronto Furniture Photography Photo Studio Toronto Amazon Product Photographer
Toronto Restaurant Food Photographer Toronto Glass Botlle Product Photographer Toronto Jewellery and Watch Product Photography Studio Toronto Lifestyle Product Photography Studio with People
Couch and Furnishing Photographer Toronto Toronto Chair and Furniture Advertising Photographer Toronto Carpet Advertising Photographer Can Photographer Advertising Photography Toronto
Amazon Listing advertising Photographer Toronto Glass advertising photographer Toronto advertising Photographer Toronto Bulk Photographer Advertsing Toronto
Wristwatch & Jewelry Photography -Toronto Macro Product Photographer Toronto-Industrial-Product-Photography
Toronto Food Service Product Photography Serving GS1 Canada members Toronto Cosmetics Product Photographer Toronto Food Stylist Product Photography
Toronto Advertising Cosmetic Product Photography Complex Lighting Toronto Product Photography Specialist Toronto Burger Food Photographer
Toronto Beer Coors Product Photographer Toronto Ice Cream and Food Product Photography Toronto ghost manikin product photography Toronto Swimwear Bulk Product Photography l
Toronto Fashion & Cosmetics Product Photographer Toronto Tea Product Photography Toronto Softdrink Food Photographer Toronto Watch Product Photographer
Cosmetic Product Shots Toronto Product Photographer Scarves & Textiles Toronto Product Photographer Toronto Gift and Merchandise Product Photographer Toronto Niagara Wine Bottle Spirits Product Photographer
Toronto Commercial Product Photographer and Photoshop Editing Commercial Photographer Product Photography Toronto Toronto Gift Basket Product Photography CGTA Canadian Gift Trading Association
Toronto LCBO Photographer Toronto Industrial & Commercial_Product_Photography Toronto Furniture Vanity Photographer, Brampton Photography Studio Wine and Spirits Photography Toronto Mississauga
Markham Mississauga Brampton Industrial Product Photography Christmas, Gift, Mississauga Product Photographer, Toronto Product Photo Studio Markham Toronto Cosmetics Product Photography Toronto LCBO, Spirits, Wine, Alcohol, SAQ, LCBO, MLCC, Product Photographer
Commercial Photographer, Advertising Photography, Toronto Toronto Hardware product Photographer, The Best in Toronto, Ontario Commercial Photographer Toronto Fashion Product Photographer Colour Accurate Toronto Fashion Photographer
Toronto Commercial Product Photography, Product Photography Toronto The Best Product Photographer in Toronto, Brampton, Markham, Mississauga Wal-Mart, Amazon, Canada Product Photography, Toronto LED Lamp, Product Photography Studio Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga
Toronto Toy Photographer, Toy Photography Studio Toronto Food Photographer Mississauga Brampton Toronto Jewelry Photography, Advertising Product Photographer, Mississauga Food Photography
Toronto Jewelry Photography Studio Mens Fashion Photographer Toronto, Studio photography Affordable, Jewelry Photography, Toronto, Brampton 360 Rotating Product Shots Toronto, Mississsauga
Toronto demo Product Shots with People Toronto Stationary Product Photographer, Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Concord, Vaughn Toronto Shoe Product Photography Brampton fashion Photography, Mississauga Commercial Photographer, Toronto Shoe Photographer
Toronto Commercial Appliance Photographer Toronto Ghost mannequin photo studio

Toronto Ghost Mannequin Product Shots

Demonstrate your garments in a clean demographically neutral manner.

  • Prices Start at $30 per item + HST

  • In-studio sessions available

  • Highly colour accurate imaging

  • Pinning, forms and steaming*
    resources available in-studio

    Steaming services available at additional cost.

Call us for Details:
T: 647.997.2793
E: jules@julesdesign.ca

Ghost Mannequin Photography Toronto Fashion Photographer

Amazon & Walmart Canada Product Photography
Sell your merchandise with the world's largest vendors!
Jules Design produces product photography that meets Amazon's and Walmart's Product Photography Imaging Standards.

    Service Highlights

  • We will produce your product shots in an Amazon or Walmart compliant format

  • We will supply you the same images in supplementary high resolution format

  • Files will be renamed per your product's identifier

  • Masking Included- we overlay the image onto pure white

  • Product Preparation included: Air Cleaning + Hand Polishing + Photoshop Editing

  • Our Product shots are crisp, close cropped, descriptive and colour accurate

  • Secure on-site storage; 5 Million General Liability Insurance

For more information on Amazon and Walmart Canada Product Photography contact Jules Design:
T: 647.997.2793
E: jules@julesdesign.ca

Toronto Product Photography Studio for Amazon Sellers

  • $25 for most items.
    Minimum quantities apply

  • Significant Physical and Digital Product Cleaning is subject to a surcharge.

Client Hosted Product Photography Shoots
Do you need to attend the photo shoot to insure a very specific execution? No problem.

Jules Design offers Client Hosted product photography sessions.Our studio caters to Art Directors and Business Professionals who wish to supervise the product shoot. 

We offer drink refreshments, Wi-Fi access and ample parking. We have a kitchen area for light food photography projects. Our Studio is conveniently located near the DVP and Eglinton. 

- Shop Rate $100* per hour
- 1st hour is $150* (to prepare studio)
- Min Order $400*
Estimates Only; Add HST to all prices
Toronto Instudio Commercial Photography

Client Hosted Product Photography Sessions

Preparing your products for
Commercial Photography:

The camera catches everything! Before you submit your products for photos services, make sure your items are free of dirt, finger prints and damage. Make sure your product sample is in pristine condition!

Preferably, supply us your samples in a new, clean, plastic bag. To minimize fingerprints, handle the item with lint or dust free gloves. Please minimize touching the product.

Consumer Packaged Goods CPG photography of Dish Soap.  Toronto Commercial Photography

For more information on Toronto Product Photography pricing,
contact us at 647.997.2793 or email jules@julesdesign.ca

Canadian Mail-Order Product Photography

Jules Design offers mail-order commercial photography to Canadian and US customers.

Ship us your products with return packaging. In about a week, we will return your merchandise and product shots by DVD and or FTP.

For more information on Commercial Photography mail orders,
contact Jules Design
at 647.997.2793 (Toronto, Ontario) or email jules@julesdesign.ca

Product Photography Mail Order Toronto Canada

Other Services:
Toronto Product Photography

360 Rotating Product Photography

Give your customers a full perspective of your products with 360 Commercial Photography.

Rotating Product Shots are ideal for businesses with an online presence. Rotating Product Shots enable prospective buyers to scrutinize a product before purchase. Rotating Product Animations are Smart Phone friendly.

Rates for Rotating
Product Photography


Toronto Food Photography
Toronto Food Photographer, Onlocation, In-Studio, Brampton, Mississauga, Scarborough Restaurant Food Photographer, Toronto, Mississauga Brampton, Markham, Menu  Fast Food Photography, Food Stylist, Toronto Etobicoke Mississauga Food Stylist and Food Photographer, Food Service Photographer Restaurant Photo Toronto
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Product Photography Toronto
Product Photographer Canada Toronto GTA
Commercial Photography Studios

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